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12 interesting alternatives to major tourist destinations
Of course, no one says that a trip to Paris or Rome is banal, but sometimes the best vacation can be spent in unexplored and not the most “promoted” places.…

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12 interesting alternatives to major tourist destinations

Of course, no one says that a trip to Paris or Rome is banal, but sometimes the best vacation can be spent in unexplored and not the most “promoted” places. Note to the tourist: here are 12 alternatives to major tourist cities that are worth considering.

1. Colmar (France) instead of Venice

Why do you need an expensive walk on a Venetian gondola – visit Colmar, one of the most romantic European cities. It looks like a city, descended from the pages of fairy tales Andersen. Walk along the cobbled streets with bright houses or take a romantic walk through the “little Venice”, because the city has a picturesque meandering river.

2. Gothenburg instead of Stockholm

Gothenburg is a less crowded and more budget alternative to Stockholm. This city is a charm, thanks to the picturesque wooden houses and old streets. There is in Gothenburg a more modern and lively street called Långgatorna, called “Little London”, and a very nice theme park with a landscaped garden.

3. Cologne instead of Milan

Cologne is always inferior to Berlin and Munich, but in vain. This 2000 year old city is famous for its ale Kölsch and extravagant high-rise Gothic architecture. Why suffer in lines to see the Milan Cathedral, better visit the equally delightful Cologne Cathedral, which, by the way, is 45 m higher.

4. Bergen instead of Copenhagen

In order not to crowd on the famous pier of Copenhagen Nyhavn, go to the historic berth of Bergen, which is just as colorful, but much calmer and more peaceful. Take a walk to the large Norwegian fjords or take a train ride on the famous Flam railway with stunning views.

5. Salzburg instead of Vienna

Like Vienna, this city is full of history, culture and art, albeit on a much smaller scale. This is the birthplace of Mozart, and everything here is reminiscent of this brilliant composer. Tourists can also get acquainted with the stunning Baroque architecture of the historic city center and visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe.

6. Pilsen (Czech Republic) instead of Munich

Instead of Munich, famous for its beer, look in the small town of Pilsen and taste Pilsner beer. One of the main local attractions is the Brewery Museum, although it is also worth seeing the beautiful Great Synagogue, in Europe it is the second largest.

7. Sofia (Bulgaria) instead of Berlin

Sofia is often unfairly ignored, and she has something to offer and show her guests. Sofia is filled with historical sites and quaint street art samples. View the impressive Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, and in the winter season, ski on Vitosha Mountain.

8. Belgrade (Serbia) instead of Istanbul

Belgrade must be included in any European route. This is a real city of nightlife and parties, which in fun and brightness even surpasses Istanbul. Explore the fortress of Kalemegdan, built in 535 BC, or relax on the beach on Ada Siganli, a small island on the Sava River.

9. York instead of London

York is two hours north of London, and its streets are simply enchanting. Browse the The Shambles, which Google has recognized as the “most beautiful street in the UK”. According to rumors, this magical place served as the prototype of the Oblique Lane in Harry Potter. And you will surely enjoy the stunning medieval York Minster.

10. Chiang Rai (Thailand) instead of Bangkok

Forget about Bangkok’s hot tourist point, Chiang Rai is just as good. There are a lot of impressive temples, including the famous Wat Rong Khun (Buddhist White Temple) and Wat Phra Kao (Temple of the Emerald Buddha).

11. Bern instead of Zurich

Take a look at the capital of Switzerland on the river Aare. Bern is less crowded with tourists and cheaper than other popular Swiss cities, and its medieval architecture will surely fascinate you. By evening, you can ride on the crystal blue waters of Aare overlooking the old part of the city.

12. Ljubljana (Slovenia) instead of Paris

The capital of Slovenia is as charming as the glamorous Parisian streets. Tourists can take walks along the picturesque bridges and canals, visit the Old Town and the Ljubljana Castle. And urban cafes and exquisite architecture in the Art Nouveau style is unforgettable.

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