7 incredible places in India to help you find yourself
When do you think about this country? High mountains, spirituality and even mysticism. Thousands of travelers come in search of answers to eternal questions. There are many other great places…

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Металлочерепица от А до Я
And where to go travel
Whether you are traveling alone, with your other half or with a group, it doesn't matter - in any case, exploring our wonderful world is one of the best ways…

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14 most remote places on earth
Do you really want to escape from the daily routine, monotony and chaos of life? Then these incredibly remote, undisturbed, and untouched places are just for you. 1. Easter Island,…

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How travel can noticeably improve your interpersonal skills

Any experienced and seasoned traveler becomes very sociable. He knows how to naturally start a conversation and somehow find a common language with people from all walks of life. Independent trips bring not only impressions, but also provide invaluable communication skills, and communication and interpersonal skills are those qualities that can and should be learned and honed in everyday life as well as in a professional environment.

● By nature, we are often closed
Please note that we are not accustomed to the kindness and attention of strangers. And if a stranger offers you his help, you start thinking that maybe he wants to rob you or something worse. We have long become skeptics and cynics, and interaction with strangers sometimes seems like an incredible taboo. It is unpleasant to admit, but our social skills “fail”. We forgot how to talk to each other, and the idea of ​​starting a conversation with a stranger sometimes horrifies. But what is even more terrifying is that the lack of effective communication ultimately leads to a lonely life.

● Keep the light of enthusiasm and be energetic
A very wise man once said that before trusting someone, take him on a trip together. And it is true. Such a journey can reveal a lot in people. But if you can overcome the inevitable obstacles that will arise during your trip, your relationship will only strengthen. You and your partner will have common goals. Just being in a different environment, being free from all your daily duties, which tend to interfere, you can get to know each other better. Couples who travel together regularly communicate more efficiently and productively than couples-couch potatoes.

● The world will be completely different for you.
The biggest insight you can experience when you are immersed in a different way of life is the realization that people think differently than you. People do not live like you. And in other cultures there is a completely different philosophy and other priorities.

– Breathe, relax, enjoy.We live in a world where people expect instant results, returns or feedback. Traveling is different. Catch the moments and enjoy them. Do not torture yourself too high expectations of anything. Take all the beauty that surrounds you. Patience is a virtue. And when you travel, you have no choice but to be patient.

– Learn to take a hit and cope with obstaclesNot everything will go as planned. Or rather, everything will inevitably go wrong. When you travel, you are extremely vulnerable to possible failures and in less safety than at home. This can be an incredibly frustrating experience the first few times. But if you cope with this, then go to a completely different level. Let the trouble happen, because you are sure to find a solution for them. You must not only be patient, but also flexible and adaptable.

– It’s not about the situation – it’s about your reaction to it.Your patience and adaptability, in turn, will make you a more benevolent and less skeptical person. Conflicts and problems will always arise, and how you decide to respond to them will determine the outcome.

● Alternative forms of communication
Everything that is new and unfamiliar can frighten and seem awful. Especially when you are driving far and alone. This is a kind of cultural shock: everything is so alien and so incredibly different. This, of course, can make communication more difficult. But you can make your life easier by learning a few key phrases in advance. In the end, non-verbal communication can also help in a pinch. You will develop your ability to transmit thoughts without words. You can begin to reflect the behavior of others, to tune with these people on the same wavelength. You are developing. You learn new manners that will influence your personality and habits. This experience will literally become part of you, changing how you think, how you present yourself, and how you behave.

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