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10 unfinished sights in the world

To complete the construction of a large-scale facility may take years and decades of hard work, as well as a lot of finance. That is why some historical sights have remained unfinished. Lack of labor, lack of funds or even the death of those who initiated the construction – these are just the main reasons. So, the ten most famous “unfinished” in the world.

1. Monument to the Furious Horse

In the mountains of South Dakota (in addition to the famous Mount Rushmore) there is another memorial, carved into the rocks. The project was started in 1948 by sculptor Korchak Zulkowski, and he worked on it until his death in 1982. Furious Horse is the leader of the tribe оглаgala, and the monument was to be created in honor of all native North Americans. Most of the time it took work with the head, whose height is 22 floors. The whole monument will be more than 64 floors, and the leader’s eyes will be as much as 5 m. Money for the project comes only from charitable foundations, and it may take many more years to complete it.

2. Mingun Pakhtodaugi

This unfinished building is located in the small town of Mingun (Burma). As conceived by King Bodavpaya, this was supposed to be the largest pagoda in the world, and its construction began in 1790, but it never ended. The treasury simply did not have enough finances, and people began to whisper that the kingdom would die as soon as the pagoda was completed. Now its height is about 50 m, and this is only 1/3 of the planned project.

3. Hassan Tower

This is a huge minaret in Rabat (Morocco), or rather a 12th century project commissioned by Yacoub al-Mansur. The minaret was supposed to be part of the largest mosque in the world, as a symbol of the Sultan’s victory over Spanish Christians. Currently, the tower was erected at 44 meters, which is half the planned height. Around there are 200 columns, and it is possible to judge from them how big the construction was. According to the plan, the mosque could accommodate 20 thousand believers.

4. Cathedral of St. John the Divine

This is another unfinished masterpiece. The first stone was laid in 1892, and the cathedral itself was planned to be built strictly in accordance with the Gothic technique. The first service was held in 1899, and large-scale construction work began only in 1916. The cathedral stands on Amsterdam Avenue in New York, and you will not believe it, but it is still under construction.

5. Ta Kaew

This is a temple-mountain in the ancient city of Angkor (Cambodia). Hypothetically, this could be one of the largest and greatest temples, but it was never completed so, and we do not know the reason for this. And it began to build in the 10th century. The restored inscriptions allegedly say that the construction was curtailed after lightning hit the temple, and this was considered a bad omen. However, even in this form, it looks very majestic.

6. Pyramid of Neferefr

This pharaoh built for himself a pyramid in the necropolis Abusir, but died before its completion. And then the pyramid was quickly turned into a so-called tomb “mastaba”, that is, a truncated pyramid. The builders dug a hole in the center of the foundation and made a burial chamber there, where Neferefre was laid, who died young at 22-23 years old.

7. Monument of Scotland

It is located on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. By the way, the monument is often called the “shame of Scotland” precisely because of the unfinished construction. It was planned as a memorial to the Scots who died in the Napoleonic wars. The foundation was laid in 1824, but after 5 years of construction stopped due to lack of finance. A completed monument would be somewhat similar to the Athenian Parthenon.

8. Sagrada Familia

This basilica has been built in Barcelona since 1882, and now it’s already 70% complete. After more than 130 years of construction, it is said that in 10 years it may be completed. The annual budget for work on it is $ 27 million. The tallest tower will reach a height of 172 m.

9. Bara Kaman

This is the unfinished mausoleum of the ruler Ali Adil Shah II in India, who, apparently, was very ambitious and wanted to outshine all the ancestors with the scope of his own tomb. Construction began in 1672, but did not end, since Ali Adil Shah was killed by his own father.

10. Hotel Ryugen

Large-scale construction began in 1987, and this 105-storey hotel in North Korea was planned for opening in 1989, but economic depression prevented everything. Rumor has it that construction may resume soon. If so, then we have a chance to see the finished and functioning Ryugen.