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Top 7 most dangerous tourist routes

In the world there are many popular trails for lovers of hiking. Some of these paths can be conquered even by beginners, and other routes are so complex that they require special preparation. Below are the seven most extreme trails of the world, the conquest of which is included in the list of desires of the most desperate extreme.

El Camino del Rey in Spain

This hiking trail is located near the village of Alora. It originated in 1905 and was initially operated as a route for hydroelectric workers. In 1921, the Spanish king Alfonso XIII crossed this dangerous route, which as a result of this became known as the “Little Royal Path”.

There are several features of this walking route that make the trail particularly extreme. A narrow path not more than a meter wide passes over the gorge at a height of just over 100 m. The length of the route is 3 km. Extreme hike on the trail of El Camino makes and the constant deterioration of its quality. In many places, the trail is partially destroyed, and even climbing skills may be required to overcome some parts of the path.

Due to several deaths of extreme tourists in 2000, the Spanish government decided to close the trail. But this did not stop adventure seekers from attempting to pass a dangerous route. Due to the high popularity of this tourist attraction in 2011, the renovation of the popular walking trail in Spain, which was completed by 2015, began. Extreme lovers again received official permission to cross the Royal Trail.

Death Trail on Mount Huashan in China

Next on the list of the most dangerous tourist routes is the death trail on Mount Huashan. It is located near the city of Huayin in the province of Shaanxi. The route is laid on one of the most sacred mountains of China and consists of narrow paths with several bridges a couple of meters wide, which are fragments of trees stuck between the rocks. Such bridges do not inspire any confidence in the relativity of the reliability of passage along them.

There are five peaks on Mount Huashan, the highest of which reaches just over 2000 m. Tourists have repeatedly died on this dangerous walking route, so the Chinese government has taken care to modernize the trails, making them safer to pass. In addition, a cable car was created, allowing all tourists who do not wish to hike along a dangerous path to climb the top of the mountain.

Rovers Run Trail in Alaska

If the artificial trails on the mountain slopes do not seem attractive, then you can consider the option of passing along Rovers Run. This 3 km long route is located near Anchorage and is attractive mainly for cycling. A special extremity of this path is given by the frequent attacks of bears.

Typically, crowds of tourists create a lot of noise, which deters clumsy ones. Cyclists, on the other hand, do not create much noise and move quickly along the trail, which most often attracts bears’ attention. Clash of lovers of cycling with the formidable inhabitants of Alaska on this path is almost inevitable. Every year, many cyclists die here or are seriously injured.

Pacai Volcano in Guatemala

An active volcano makes this popular hiking trail particularly dangerous. Choosing a hike on this route, you can admire the Pacai volcano from the closest distance.This natural landmark is located in the Pakaya National Park, about 30 km from Guatemala. There is only one main trail leading to the volcano. Particularly extreme route gives the hot lava, flowing next to the tourist paths of the park.

Skyline Trail to Palm Springs

This is a very difficult tourist route about 14 km long. Particularly difficult is the height of 2500 m, on which this footpath is located. In the summer it is very hot here, which is worth considering when going to go through the Skyline Trail. In winter, the top of the mountain is covered with a thick layer of snow and ice, which makes this path even more extreme. Every year there are several deaths. If you are going to conquer this route, you need to stay in excellent physical shape and take care of sufficient water reserves, if the campaign is planned for the summer period.

Vancouver Island West TrailWhen going on a hike along this pedestrian path, one should take into account not only its complexity, but also the presence of dangerous representatives of wildlife (bears and wolves) on it. Initially, this route was intended for rescuers and provided the possibility of faster assistance to the shipwrecked near the west coast. The trail runs through uneven terrain, and in some places becomes very slippery and difficult to pass.

The total length of this route is about 76 km. The trail is available for passing from May 1 to September 30. You can make a trip along this route a little earlier or a little later than the indicated dates. But at the same time