What places on our planet are abnormally hot
We believe that people in the middle lane are lucky with the climate. You will think that we are joking or laughing at you, but this is absolutely serious. After…

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What did you not know about Sydney? 10 unexpected facts that will open this city for you

Australia is quite far from the rest of the world. However, this does not mean that this place is forgotten or unpopular with tourists. Of particular note, of course, is Sydney. We will not tell everyone the known facts about this city, just to remind you what it is. Yes, it is the largest city in Australia, the pearl of which is the opera house. But to really get to know the city, you need to look at it from the other side. After all, beaches, the famous bridge and skyscrapers are not the only puzzle pieces that can make a complete picture of this place. So get to know the city of Sydney!

1. Sydney has no city center.
city ​​of sydney

The city, of course, is geographically marked. Therefore, in fact, he has a center. However, you understand that this is not about coordinates. Sydney is divided into many districts, each of which can be said to have local government. That’s precisely why the concept of “city center” is blurry here. They can be called one of the areas where the maximum number of large shopping centers and the tallest buildings is concentrated.

2. The city of Sydney argued for the right to become the capital of Australia, but lost.
Many still wonder why the largest city of the continent is not its capital. The fact is that a dispute arose between Sydney and Melbourne, the subject of which was the right to be called the capital of Australia. And while the two cities were solving the issue, in 1908 the city of Canberra appeared, which took the vacant place of the capital.

3. The construction of the Sydney Opera House cost 102 million Australian dollars.
And this is 95 million Australian dollars more than the stated amount! So, initially it was planned to conduct construction in the amount of A $ 7 million for no more than four years. As a result, the world saw the building of the theater 14 years later.

4. In Sydney, a fashion show for ducks.
Every year during the celebration of Easter, you can witness an unusual show – the duck fashion show Pied Piper Duck Show. Oddly enough, ducks defile in a variety of outfits. They are actually dressed in the latest fashion and even wear hats. I wonder what could be weirder and more fun than a graceful Sydney duck?

5. Bondi Beach is listed on the National Australia State.

Describing the city of Sydney, we can not say about this beach. After all, Bondi Beach is perhaps the most famous and popular beach here. Crowds of tourists and even celebrities, surfers and huge ocean waves are not all that distinguishes Bondi from other places. It even exhibits strange and unusual works of Sydney sculptors.

6. Sydney funnel spider ranks second in the top of the most poisonous spiders in the world.
But do not be afraid! The antidote was found in 1981. However, this does not negate the fact that the spider is really dangerous. His fangs can pierce even the sole of the shoe and the nail plate. In addition, the bite of this spider is very painful, and its poison is as strong as cyanide.

7. In Sydney, there is an abandoned ship that has become a floating forest.

The city of Sydney is famous for this peculiar attraction – the ancient ship SS Ayrfield. During World War II, the vessel was used to transport something and as a vehicle. By the way, now it is located near the coast and is a dense thickets of trees in the cabins and on the deck. The ship has become very rusty, so it’s impossible to stay on it, and it’s very difficult to get there. It’s a pity!

8. In Sydney, cooked pizza length 221 meters.
So, pizza does not happen much! Probably, the cooks, who “invented” a real pizza track for 826 servings, thought so, which is what the city of Sydney is famous for. Well this is how much flour and ingredients they needed to make it! In fact, this action was designed for homeless and poor people who could have dinner with this masterpiece.

9. Sydney’s largest bridge has no intermediate supports.

Harbor Bridge is the famous arched bridge in Sydney, which is also a landmark of the city. Because of its shape, it received the name “hanger”. It surprises a lot in it. However, the fact that the structure has no intermediate supports is even scary. And all because the depth of the bay reaches about 60 meters.

10. 27 tons – this is the weight of the roof of the Sydney Opera House.
This theater is so famous that it is impossible not to mention it again. Or rather, special attention should be paid to the roof, which is a true work of art. In addition, the surface of the roof is smooth and smooth due to the mechanical laying of the tile. By the way, do you think 27 tons is a lot? The building itself weighs 161,000 tons!

About this place you can talk endlessly. And also the city of Sydney should definitely be included in the list of your must see-places. He will surely be able to amaze and surprise you!


What places on our planet are abnormally hot
We believe that people in the middle lane are lucky with the climate. You will think that we are joking or laughing at you, but this is absolutely serious. After…


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