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Azerbaijan is an amazing country of contradictions and contrasts

It is difficult to say how many places in Azerbaijan that would be interesting to visit every avid traveler. There are thousands of them! Many of the most unforgettable historical and cultural monuments are concentrated in the country’s capital, Baku:
amazing old Maiden’s Tower (its height is 29.5 m);
the so-called “Baku Acropolis”;
Shirvanshahs Palace;
numerous mosques;
Torgovy complex (dated to the XVI – XVII centuries);
famous baths;
Azerbaijani carpet museum;
numerous unique buildings of the nineteenth century.
The capital is especially attractive during the celebration of Ramadan-Bayram (February 9), Novruz-Bayram (March 20 and 21) and Gurban-Bayram (April 18), when numerous festive events are held in the city.

An interesting visit to the historic capital of the once great Caucasian Albania – Gabala. Here is the ancient city mosque, the Sary-Tepe castles (V – IV centuries BC) and Ajinne Tepé (X – IX centuries BC), mausoleums of sheikhs Badreddin and Mansur (XV c.).

In the mountains Beyukdash, Kichikdash, Dzhingirdag, Shongardag and Shikhgayamy we find evidence of the history of the Azerbaijani people – rock paintings, traces of the sites of the ancient man, gravestones and burial grounds.

Some of the most ancient cities of Transcaucasia – Nakhichevan and Kabala have a special charm.

The unique animal and plant world of the Transcaucasus is protected by the largest reserves: Zakatalsky, Girkansky, Kyzylagachsky, Shirvan. They contain about four thousand species of plants and animals.

Azerbaijan is famous for its hospitable hospitality. The hotel business here is still very young, but despite this, about 300 hotels of various classes and comfort accept tourists from all over the world.

The largest hotels are located in large cities. One of the best in Azerbaijan – Kempinski Badamar – in Baku. The hotel is famous for its extraordinary interiors and high level of service. It offers travelers restaurants, bars, rooms for business seminars, 24-hour pools and gyms.

For example, a double room in a 4 * hotel in Baku will cost from $ 200 to $ 1,000 per day. Places in hotels are better to book in advance, there is the possibility of online booking.

Those who do not like hotel rest, can rent an apartment, the cost of which will depend on the number of rooms, planning and location. Thus, a two-room apartment in Baku will cost about $ 60 per day.

National cuisine
The specific nature of the Azerbaijani cuisine is determined by the generous nature of Azerbaijan, which gives vegetables and fruits for almost the whole year, as well as the originality of the dishes, utensils, and kitchen hearths (tandir, kyulf). From bread products, Azerbaijanis prefer oblong churek and lavash (thin flat cakes) – bread baked in the tandir. Such Azerbaijani dishes as dolma, plov, khash, bozbash, arishta are well known among other Caucasian peoples. One dolma (ground meat with rice in grape, less often in cabbage or quince leaves) knows about 30 species. One of the most famous and traditional dishes is plov. It is eaten with various seasonings from meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Meat dishes are filled with chestnuts, dried apricots, raisins and greens. Eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, and apples are also stuffed with lamb. In the northwest of the republic they like khingal – a flour dish stuffed with meat, fried onions and kurut – dried curd.

Entertainment and recreation
In Azerbaijan, every vacationer will find entertainment to your taste.

In summer, the most popular marine entertainment. On the coast of the Caspian Sea you can not only sunbathe, but also fish, ride a sailboat, go surfing. One of the best beach resorts, Amburan, is located on the Absheron Peninsula. It has everything you need for a holiday. Entrance fee: 13-23 $ (depending on the day of the week).

No less important is cultural entertainment. The Maiden’s Tower, the Gala reserve, the sights of the “old city” of Baku, Gobustan, the Shervanshah Palace – all this will help to plunge into the local culture.

There are many different cinemas in the country, the most popular one is Azerbaijan. It is located in Baku.

Admirers of the theater can enjoy the magnificent play of actors in the theater of opera and ballet, in the theater of the young spectator, as well as in the most popular among tourists theater “Russian Drama”. All of them are located on Torgovaya Street in Baku.

Lovers of noisy parties, too, will not be bored. There are many cafes, restaurants and nightclubs in the country.

If you visit Azerbaijan in the spring, you can enjoy the colorful festival of Novruz-Bayram. It is dedicated to the arrival of spring and is held at the end of winter and early spring. For four weeks, you can regularly participate in festive processions, enjoy national cuisine. And in April, Gurban Bayram is held.

Trade in Azerbaijan is absolutely traditional. However, shopping in the East is somewhat different from European.

The center of trade is Baku, here are the largest shopping centers in the country: Af kom plaza, Af sentr, Park Bulvar Baku, etc. But the prices for goods in the capital are the highest.

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