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Australia – a state in the southern hemisphere

Beach vacation. The main place for lovers of this type of recreation is the Gold Coast (Gold Coast), the area between Sydney and Brisbane. Sandy beaches stretch along the coast for 40 kilometers. Here everything has to active recreation and entertainment: golf courses, amusement parks, safaris, night clubs and discos.

Diving. Great Barrier Reef – Mecca for scuba diving.Here they can see with their own eyes 90% of all the corals known to science, to admire the huge variety of fish inhabited by nearly 200 species around the reef. From extreme entertainment – descend in a cage to the great white sharks. There are about 500 islands around the reef, many of them have tourist infrastructure.

Excursions and ecotourism. The unique nature of Australia gives inquisitive travelers an inexhaustible source for impressions. A keen interest among tourists is also an acquaintance with the life of the aborigines who have managed to preserve their original culture and customs of their ancestors. Often, indigenous people refuse to live in the houses provided to them by the government, since the aboriginal should live in the open.

Safari. Nowadays, this is not a cruel hunt, but admiring nature in comfortable conditions – tourists move in air-conditioned jeeps, and the guides prepare the camp for overnight stay in advance.

Surfing. For fans of this sport, Australia is given a choice of two oceans and waves of any complexity.

Skiing. Fans of descents from the snowy mountains will find an excellent ski complex on the island of Tasmania, on the Ben Lomond Plateau. You can ride from July to September. All equipment is rented, instructors will help beginners. The plateau itself is very beautiful, it is a national park where alpine fauna and flora is protected.

A tourist who has gathered in Australia is easily confused, it is so difficult to navigate in unique natural and man-made landmarks.

The Blue Mountains is a national park with relict eucalyptus trees, some of which are 2,000 years old. Above the trees because of the evaporation of eucalyptus oils hangs a blue haze, giving the mountains a unique flavor. In the park, you can ride on the steepest railway in the world or admire the surroundings from the height of the cable car.

Kakadu Park is a bird sanctuary not far from Darwin; here you can observe the life of 60 species of mammals, 300 species of birds and more than 100 species of reptiles.

Namburg National Park will hit the “Desert of Repentant Sinners” – with fields of sandy layers.
The UNESCO-protected Fraser Island, the largest sandy island in the world, will amaze with its natural beauty: dunes, lakes, tropical forests and snow-white beaches.

The island of Tasmania, in addition to the natural beauty of its parks, will delight gourmets with culinary and wine festivals.

Fiery Hills is the place where the spirit of the gold rush is still alive. Anyone can get here a piece of land measuring 50 by 50 meters and try to find gold.

The Uluru Rock, not far from Alice Springs, is a sacred place for the Aboriginal people, who believe that the whole world and they themselves originate from here. It is forbidden to interfere with the traditional way of life of the indigenous people. Tours are held here at sunset or early in the morning, when the stone monolith under the rays of the sun is magically transformed.

The Harbor Bridge in Sydney, one of the longest in the world, is 503 meters long. The bridge is a great place for beautiful photos and videos.

TV Tower in Sydney, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere with a height of 304 meters.

Sydney Aquarium – Marine Park, giving the opportunity to contemplate unusual fish and strange sea creatures in their natural environment.

The unique pink lake Hiller, the only one in the world with such color. Even if you pour the lake water into a separate container, the water will remain pink. Until now, the secret of the pink color of this amazing reservoir has not been solved.

The volcanic island of Lord Howe, striking its virgin nature. There is no mobile connection, and the number of tourists staying on the island should not exceed 400 people. Such rules are established to preserve the unique local nature.

And this is not all the amazing places in Australia, annually attracting millions of tourists from different countries.

Australian cuisine is still very young, both Old World dishes and exotic Aboriginal food are popular here. In the restaurants you will be offered scrambled eggs from ostrich eggs, crocodile patties, and kangaroo soup. Their ostrich, kenguryatin and rabbit dishes are widespread. Here you can appreciate the local gourmet cheeses, wines, for those who wish to organize gastronomic tours.