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What places on our planet are abnormally hot

We believe that people in the middle lane are lucky with the climate. You will think that we are joking or laughing at you, but this is absolutely serious. After all, we can catch a frosty day with a shining, dazzling sun, and incredible freshness, and smells of spring, and feel the warm embrace of summer. And finally, enjoy all the colors and gifts of autumn. Isn’t it a miracle? But today we will tell about the completely opposite places of the planet. Places where it is always very hot and there is not even a hint of cold weather and snow. What are the hottest places on Earth?

1. El-Aziz (Libya).
The hottest places

The desert in the area of ​​the small town of Aziziya is considered to be perhaps the hottest place in the world. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the temperature can reach 58 ° C. Such a case was recorded in September 1922, but some meteorologists question this figure. However, we are confident that you will not freeze – a daily temperature of 48 ° C is guaranteed.

2. Death Valley (USA).

It is located in California and is considered the driest place in America. In July 1913, the record was set at 56.6 ° C. In normal summer temperatures range from 46-47 ° C. In this region, as you can guess, life does not hit the key, but some vegetation and animals are still present. Death Valley is surrounded by mountains. Moreover, it is 86 meters below sea level, which explains such a high degree. You can reach it in about 3 hours from Las Vegas. Call in if you are nearby, just choose a more reliable transport.

3. Dallol (Ethiopia).

The place is located 116 below sea level in the Denakil Basin, which is very similar to the location of Death Valley. The hottest places on the planet can be livable. That is why, unlike Death Valley, there are even people living in Dallol. The average temperature here is 34.7 ° C, it is the highest in the world for a settlement. If the situation seems to be insufficiently hot, visit the Dallol volcano – the lowest on Earth. It is more expedient to do this in the winter.

4. Deshte-Lut (Iran).

In this desert plain without a hint of life at the beginning of 2000, the highest temperature in a year was set at 70.7 ° C. I want to believe that meteorologists have confused something, but so far no one has denied this figure. According to Deshte-Lut’s temperature, only Atacama Desert (Chile) can lose, where no creature survives (even bacteria). You can get to Dasht-Lut with nomads, for example, from the city of Yazd. It borders on the desert and is considered to be by right the very dry city of Iran.

5. Kebili (Tunisia).

The hottest places of the Sahara are the record holder Kebili. Although the city is a desert, you can still see the locals. And all over the cause of palm trees, under which you can hide from the merciless sun, and the water that returns to life. By the way, the temperature in this area is about 55 ° C.

6. Bangkok (Thailand).

The hottest city on the planet. But since Bangkok is still a city, the temperature here relative to other “flaming” places is moderate – about 30 ° C. In the spring months it rises to 35 ° C with a humidity of 90%, which makes staying in the city unbearable because of the strong stuffiness and smog.

7. Wadi Halfa (Sudan).

In fact, there is almost no precipitation on this land plot, and the temperature reaches 40 ° C. In April 1967, the air was warmed to 53 ° C – this was a record for the locality. By the way, an important fact: Wadi Halfa is considered the sunniest desert. The annual amount of inexorable sun here is 4,300 hours per year, i.e. about 12 hours a day, people are under a bright hot light, from which there is nowhere to hide.

8. Tirat-Zvi (Israel).

This is a populated area with 790 inhabitants. The highest temperature was recorded in the summer of 1942 – 54 ° C. Tirat Zvi is a commune located in the Beit Shean Valley (220 meters below sea level). By the way, now the usual summer temperature for this settlement is 40 ° C. Fortunately, people have the opportunity to cool down a bit, plunging into the nearby ponds. It’s amazing how the hottest places on the planet are home to many people!

9. Fiery mountains (China).

These are sandy hills that literally glow and visually (have a red color), and really. In addition, in this place of China in 2008, the air temperature reached an incredible level – 67 ° C, and the earth can heat up to an impossible 82 ° C. With this terrain name, the figure is certainly not surprising, but shocking.

10. Rub El-Khali (Arabian Peninsula).

This desert, in principle, is no different from the previous ones – it is just as hot and dry here. The temperature can reach 56 ° C, the average – 45 ° C. The desert occupies a vast territory (1000 km long and about 500 wide), with almost no vegetation, no people (although scientists believe that people and cities existed here thousands of years ago), and sand heats up to 70 ° C. The fauna is richer: from the expected camels, snakes or scorpions to antelopes.