Bulgaria is a state of Southeast Europe
The variety of climatic conditions and geographic zones has made Bulgaria one of the best places to relax. In a relatively small area of ​​the state, more than 50 resorts…

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14 most remote places on earth
Do you really want to escape from the daily routine, monotony and chaos of life? Then these incredibly remote, undisturbed, and untouched places are just for you. 1. Easter Island,…

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11 disappeared countries that existed some 100 years ago
The world map today looks a little different than a hundred years ago. The reasons? Starting from the collapse of ancient empires to the renaming of exotic places. ● Tibet…

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Amazing places of the planet where a man’s foot has never stepped.

Do you think there is a corner on the planet that man has not yet been able to master? Where he did not make a house for himself, did not grow a tree, and did not start a family? There are such places on Earth! Read our post, you might want to get there (if possible).

1. Namibia
The country got its name from the Nabib desert – very few people live here, but the largest number of cheetahs in the world is more than 2500 animals. Namibia is a country with ancient history, huge dunes, craters and waterfalls. There is still a lot of space in this country where there was no man, and nature lives by its laws without interference and colonization.

2. Papua New Guinea
This is a country on the island of New Guinea, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. She is still little studied – scientists assume that in the jungle of the island there is a great variety of animals and plants that people have not seen yet and which are characteristic only for this region. The development of a wide territory of the country is hampered by the terrain, which is not amenable to either a human foot or a special transport (there are no paved roads). And also the legal system of the country and the very high costs of infrastructure development interfere. For these reasons, to a greater degree the country and its places remain “wild” and unexplored on Earth.

3. Amazonia
The rain forests that occupy parts of Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and South America are considered to be the largest tropical forests in the world on their territory. The forest area is 5.5 million square km – this is a big half of the rest of the tropical forests of the Earth. However, whenever researchers go on an expedition to Amazonia, they discover another new type of animal. That is why many more travelers will have enough finds in these endless and mysterious forests. Remember that the flora and fauna of these forests is completely unfriendly. In addition, all those who fall into the “stranger” on the way will try to damage you or kill you altogether. Be careful with the discoveries.

4. Greenland Ice Sheet
This is just an immense concentration of ice. It seems that such glaciation is simply impossible – 2000 m thick, length – 2500 km, and width – more than 1000 km. Almost all of Greenland consists of impenetrable ice, what kind of person and tree can we talk about here? Not so many expeditions were sent to such wild and harsh conditions, so you have endless possibilities for research.

5. Tibetan Plateau
Amazing places on our Earth with a completely unearthly landscape. If you ever find yourself in this area, you will think that you are in space. The Tibetan Plateau is countless mountains and cliffs, which, when viewed from above, are a huge wave of waves. This is where you can actually plunge into nirvana and experience Zen. However, the weather conditions here are very harsh and will not give much relaxation. If you still want to explore the mystery of these places, be careful. Even local poorly guided in the area and do not always know the right path.

6. Australian Cape York
This peninsula, which has not yet been developed, is one of the rare “missed” places on Earth. All, of course, is tied to the difficulties of access, and not to shamelessly ignoring the region. There is no equipped road on the peninsula, and the existing sand, due to frequent heavy rains, turns into an impassable swamp. Moreover, the only way to look at this secret miracle and experience the pleasure of unusual and rare flora – from a helicopter. On an area of ​​137 thousand square km. some people live in Cape York (about 18 thousand people in all), mostly local.

7. Pitcairn Islands
This is a collection of five islands, and only one of them is inhabited. Pitcairn are in the Pacific. You will be surprised, but on this only inhabited island only 50 people live according to 2014 data. There is no opportunity to fly to Pitcairn from other nearby populated lands. If there is a desire to explore the desert places on this earth and, perhaps, join these 50 people, you will only have to travel by water from the nearest New Zealand coast for more than a week.

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