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Gastronomic tourism: secrets and traps

During any journey, we meet with new products and interesting dishes that open up for us a completely different world of taste. It helps to better understand the culture: in a conversation with a farmer, sharing recipes with the chef in Paris. Everyone understands the language of food, and he is your main assistant in the study of other countries and worlds on a tour called “gastronomic tourism.”

Tourist traps
Before that it is difficult to guess, but to find a restaurant of national cuisine with really high-quality food is an impossible task. Most cafes in popular places use their position and do not bother about good cooking. After all, they are often required to feed tourist groups, and not food connoisseurs. Standing places are rarely located on standard routes. Want to try gastronomic tourism? Then get ready for a long search.

homemade food
In many countries, a restaurant or a local cafe is a place in which they eat not for satiation, but only in order to have a snack and at least something to fill the stomach. Therefore, they can not boast of diversity. To truly experience the culture of another country, it is worth trying purely homemade food. To do this, there are special sites that allow you to find those local residents who are ready to take you at home and feed national dishes: withlocals.com, eatwith.com, cookening.com. Do you like making friends at dinner, and even in another country? Gastronomic tourism is ideal for such dating.

Imperfect translation
Tourists are sometimes offered lightweight menus, in which there are fewer positions, just because it is difficult to translate the names of dishes and their features. In order not to explain once more how tart differs from charlottes, they simply do not include it in the list of dishes. You can either ask for a standard menu or see what the locals are ordering.

The rule of three “C”
Quality gastronomic tourism works according to the rule of three “C”. By observing it, you can unlock a different culture from different angles: special products, season and special offers. Meals in the restaurant should choose those that are prepared from seasonal products. They will be the highest quality and rich. Special dishes are such national recipes that every local resident has cooked at least a hundred times. You could eat them before. But just, for example, in Italy you will try real, lasagna, brought to the ideal.

Landmarks and entourage
No printed guide will tell you about food and food as much as a farmer in the market or a local souvenir seller. They are their own people in the local culture who will help you to really explore other cultures in depth and even reveal some secrets to you. For example, which products have season or rumors and gossip about local restaurants? Gastronomic tourism also has its secrets. And to uncover them, you need a lot of where to look like and a lot to try.